Build what your market needs.
We validate ideas and products to stop businesses wasting time and money.

Validate your idea

No matter how good an idea is, it’s difficult to know whether people will actually pay for your product or service.

At Tectonic, we use an evidence-based process to inform your decisions on what product or service you should build first.

By analysing qualitative and quantitative data, we'll increase the likelihood of you building something your customers will pay for.

Validate your product

You’ve launched your product, but you’re making decisions about what features to add without reliable evidence.

Our team will identify, gather and analyse the right data from your business and target customers to help you make the right decisions.

Through evidence-based decisions, you’ll make your product more valuable to your customers, faster.

Ongoing support

So your idea has been validated and you've been set up to make the right decisions using data.

Tectonic will help you implement these decisions by building your product, its features and helping you acquire new customers.

Make the right decisions, faster.
Get evidence based insights from your target customer in as little as a week.


Emily, Founder and CEO

"I’m so glad that I made the investment and worked with Tectonic as they catapulted my idea into a commercially viable business. The marketplace interviews were eye-opening and delivered on their promise of validating my product. All of the team are fantastically supportive even following the two-week sprint with contacts and advice.”

Alex, Founder and CEO

"Nana, Dan & Joshua were fantastic to work with; their energy and passion are infectious! They combine a methodical approach with lateral thinking to provide a unique data-driven service. They challenged our thinking with sound insights and their conclusions have been instrumental in the way that we have moved forward. I look forward to working with them again."
Validate your business idea or product in as little as a week.
Your customers, competitors and market are always changing. We'll give you the right information to help you make cost effective decisions.