We believe creativity and technology are key to solving the world's biggest challenges.

Our CEO, started this business accidentally.

In 2017, Nana went to visit a friend in Casablanca, but on arriving at the airport had his passport confiscated by a passport control officer and led away. Twenty minutes later he met another British man in a similar situation, and got talking about app development.

He asked Nana if he had a team to help him with an idea he had, and if he did could he start working on it the following week. Nana confidently said yes, but in reality had no team whatsoever.

“Almost overnight I had to start a business from scratch, recruiting talented people I knew who could work on the project, for what would become my first client. We’ve never looked back from that chance meeting in the airport and have been in business ever since.”

Over the last two and half years we've had over 35 clients, worked with founders and businesses across the world, built apps in 12 different industries, interviewed over 500 potential customers and in doing so, came to realise something critical.

Building a product isn't hard. Building the right product that makes you money is.

We want to minimise your risk by analysing your audience’s understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve, their need for it and market forces that may be driving their behaviour.

Ultimately, we do this to reduce the chance that you’re building something nobody wants. Because that’s a waste of time for everyone. Especially, your customers'.

So we pivoted to focus on validation. We use qualitative and quantitive data to validate:

• Ideas for businesses that don't exist yet
• Products and services for businesses that want to grow
• Markets for entrepreneurs looking for new opportunities

And with this new direction, we also decided to change our name from Metier Digital to Tectonic. We'll write a blog post about the reasons why, but the main one was that people couldn't pronounce it.

What's French for awkward?

Validate your business idea or product in as little as a week.
Your customers, competitors and market are always changing. We'll give you the right information to help you make cost effective decisions.