This is your team. A perfect blend of creatives, analysts and business folk.

Tectonic are fortunate to have some of the most talented Product Managers, User Experience designers, Researchers, Data Analysts, Graphic designers, Developers and Financial Modellers in London working together to help businesses thrive through validating their products and ideas.

With over 100 years of combined experience in our respective fields combined, there are few teams that can treat your ideas and products as their own. We are obsessed with problem solving using data and evidence. Our team help you strike the perfect balance between using insights and using your gut to help you achieve your business and personal goals.

One of the great things about our team is the wealth of experience we have in high growth tech companies. These include Squarespace, Rackspace, Shazam and Fujitsu to name a few. We're able to bring some of the established processes mixed in with the speed of a startup to help businesses achieve their goals much faster.

Nana, our founder and CEO, has worked individually with each of the team on previous ventures and handpicked them knowing they were going to buy into his vision. Every member of Tectonic values empathy, hard work and helping each other achieve our goals.

Validate your business idea or product in as little as a week.
Your customers, competitors and market are always changing. We'll give you the right information to help you make cost effective decisions.