The customers' problem

Elderly people tend not to drink enough water and suffer from dehydration. The symptoms of dehydration often present themselves in the same way as dementia, so this can be a really serious problem for the elderly.

Droplet created a smart tech product to remind elderly people to drink more water through voice and visual signals. They wanted to grow the business further and had some post launch challenges.

After a conversation with the Droplet team, we worked with them to formulate a number of questions we could answer through our Product Validation process:

A) How can we get the product to sell more online?

B) What changes do we need to make to the product to improve B2B sales performance?

C) Should we continue selling the product B2C, or stop? If so, why?

The solution

We took a data-heavy approach to answer the key questions above by first working with the team to understand their business goals in more detail. We completed a competitor analysis and found six distinct customer segments including elderly people, their sons and daughters, and caregivers.

The team interviewed thirty-five people both pre-product reveal to understand their perception of hydration and the drinking habits of their loved ones) and post product reveal (to understand their opinions on the product itself).

We also did a very thorough investigation of their websites, affiliates, marketing and Amazon sales data to get a better understanding of why consumers were buying or not buying. We made sure their analytics were fully set up and collecting the right data.

The outcome

Our approach allowed the client to recognise that there were more market barriers to meeting their sales targets than originally anticipated. By capturing over 2000 data points, we were able to recommend a clear path to increased revenue and product sales that when aligned with their personal and business goals, making the product significantly more commercially viable.
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