The customers' problem

Emily is a London based influencer who discusses and shares sustainability content online. She understands the severe negative impact humans are having on the planet and wanted to build a platform to help people become more sustainable.

She had a strong idea of what she wanted to build, and was close to raising funds to build a digital product that would have cost her around £150K.

After meeting us, she realised the questions she needed answers to were:

A) Am I solving a real problem?
B) Will my customers pay me for what I am building?
C) And if not, what value can I provide that they will pay for?

The solution

We undertook a 2-week validation sprint, where our objective was for Emily to leave knowing the minimum version of the product she needs to be build that solves a real problem for her target user, that customers will pay her for.

We mapped her initial idea for Quantum against her business and personal goals, and created a number of customer profile types. Based on this information and a comprehensive market and competitor analysis, we targeted and undertook unbiased interviews of multiple potential customer types, to validate key assumptions we had around their behaviour, characteristics and buying habits.

The outcome

After analysing all the information, and running the data through our Commercial Viability Framework, we concluded it made commercial sense to continue her business. We then told her what features of the digital product she should build in order for it to be valuable to her potential customers and revenue generating.

The evidence not only gave her the confidence to know that her idea was worth pursuing, but also that it was commercially viable. And we found her some development partners that would build the initial version much cheaper than £150K.
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